This is our neighborhood communication center.

What defines “neighborhood?” That’s up to you and how far away you reside from the awesome people that live on Rutherford Avenue and the surrounding Selby Lane area.

We built this site as a means of communication that is independent of companies that mine data and steal your baby photos,

Bookmark this page. Check it daily. Join the conversation. Don’t let people tell you what to do.

If you have ideas or can help – let us know!

Educator? Build and maintian a section for school contact info
Gardner? What are the plants in our area? What grows well? Build and maintain that section!
Into Politics? Let us know who our officials are and what issues are on local dockets.
Computer person? Help us make this site awesome!

Latest Updates

Massive Redwood City Housing, Retail and Office Development Up For Final OK

We are about to get into the next round of defending our properties from developers and county boards that don’t listen to their constituents . WHAT IS THE COMPELLING REASON TO REZONE? THERE IS NO HOUSING SHORTAGE. THESE ARE NOT AFFORBALE UNITS. WHY SHOULD WE REZONE? It’s not for lack of building in the area. …

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