Covid-19 Resources for Selby Lane / Rutherford Estates & Beyond

Hello Fellow Citizens!

I set up a few years back as a way to share information in a hyper-focused manner for our community.

Sites like Facebook and NextDoor are good – but they have their limitations. Posts get inundated with comments, information gets obscured, data gets lost.

My vision was for a platform that was super relative to our neighborhood, with pages maintained by everyday neighbors that could update whatever their special interest is, without advertising and data collection.

The website was a great platform to share information as we fought back against developers that were insensitive to our zoning regulations  – and I think it can be a great place for neighbors to come together and share information during the current pandemic – and beyond.

Insightful, useful information.

So here we go!  I’ll put as much effort into this as the neighborhood wants – but I need your help too. What page can you maintain? List of school info? Local politics? Community gardens? Local farmers? – I’ll show you how to do it!

It’s like Geocities for 2020!

I’ll be posting almost to the point of spam on to get some traction. Thank you for your patience

As I write this, here is the main menu. What else is a good fit? Not just during this current crisis – but going forward?

Keep Calm and Keep Being Awesome to One Another!


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