R1 Re-Zoning

The issue:

Project Description: The two subject parcels are currently zoned R-1/S-74 (One-Family Residential; S-74 Combining District) and are proposed to be merged and re-zoned to R-3/S-3 (Multiple-Family Residential; 5,000 square foot minimum parcel size) to allow for higher density housing.

The applicant has also provided conceptual plans for an 18,550 square foot, three-story, 10-unit apartment complex to illustrate potential development under the proposed R-3/S-3 Zoning.

The two (2) existing single-family residences are proposed to be demolished.

Selby Acres was re-zoned S-74 in 2004 to preserve the area from this exact issue! Here’s a link to the 2004 document. also see here

“PROPOSAL FOR S-74 rezoning- Residents in the Selby Neighborhood (Sequoia Tract), which lies between Redwood City and Atherton, have requested that the County adopt new zoning regulations to: (1) reduce the permitted size of houses by establishing maximum building floor areas, (2) reduce the permitted building height, and (3) establish daylight planes to control the bulk and shape of houses.”

Essentially County File Number PLN 2004-00545 lists the very reasons NOT TO ALLOW “rezoning again” or undoing what was (approved) re-zoned for this tract because of resident’s concerns to protect the area.