12APR17 Saddle Room MTG Notes

Public Outcry to get San Mateo County to listen.

Summary of Neighborhood Meeting Wednesday, April 12, 2017 held at the Saddle Room

Thank you to Beverlee Hastings for taking notes. Notes Edit by Daniel Curran. https://tse1.mm.bing.net/th?id=OIP.sUNyXUkgabY23Uk-41qG6AAQAQ&pid=15.1 Original Document

Proposed Multi-Unit Luxury Apartment building on the corner of Woodside Road and Rutherford. 

The address is Woodside but the entrance and exit will be on Rutherford.  10 units, 15 parking spaces.  (1.5 parking spaces per unit, minimum requirement to make the building code).

This will impact existing parking shortage on Rutherford and impact traffic patterns in the neighborhood.

  • Concern that eventually the median will end up being used as parking.
  • Concern about taking down large trees that buffer traffic noise from Woodside Road
  • Concern that the height of the building will impact the sunlight and affect gardens in neighboring homes
  • Concern it will block existing views.
  • Concern about the devaluation of property values.

So far there have been 60 (+) e-mails sent (I’m not sure to whom) which is a significant number.  Someone said that all emails have been copied and are in a file.  We should continue to send more emails.

Zoned for R1/S74
Restrictions building in neighborhoods
Impact on neighborhood parking and traffic
Homes bought with the intention of living in a single family neighborhood

Chris Johnson (on Jefferson & El Camino) points how this process works.
Next step:  County Board of Supervisors

San Mateo County Board of Supervisors meeting April 25, 2017. We need to get on their agenda and voice community concern.  (I am confused between San Mateo County and City of Redwood City –  should be a point of clarification.)
Don Horsley:  President – District 3

Precedent set in 2004:  S74
1.    Reduce permitted size of home
2.    Reduce permitted height
3.    Establish daylight planes

Bottom line is that the existing property is zoned as R1 and 74.  The neighborhood DOES NOT want the zoning to change.  Efforts to stop the development should be focused on the current zoning.

Next step is to post and add information on, and direct people to:
RutherfordEstates.com (Done!)