Rutherford Avenue Median Trees Meeting Info

Some of the neighbors in the 100 block have been in touch with CityTrees regarding what will be planted in the median with support of the County.

We will be meeting somewhere in the 110 block of the median at 6:45 on Tuesday, October 24th.

Here are some very rough transcripts of some email exchanges:

We met on site a few weeks back and we talked about some landscape improvements that Citytrees was considering with support of the County. We had a City trees board meeting last night and myself and a few other volunteers are planning an onsite meeting this coming  xxxxxxxxx to review and inventory current trees on site and look at potential planting sites. Feel free to drop in if  your around, more importantly would you be able to meet up some afternoon/night afterward to talk about the plan? Would love to get your thoughts and welcome you to be part of development and implementation to this project. Reply or call anytime with any questions.

Jess Running
District Manager
Davey Tree Expert Co.
Menlo Park Ca


“We met on site last week and have come up with a preliminary plan for a planting project on the median. Would you be able to meet up to discuss our plan? “

“Thinking native oaks, blues, valley, live, possibly native sycamores.”

“I think you’ll have enthusiastic support for those selections. 

I know the neighbors on the north side of the street would love deciduous trees heavily interspersed with live/cork oaks due to the winter sun blockage of live/cork oaks… but also we’d want some live oaks especially at the head of the street for wind control.

We will be losing a lot of tree coverage when the high-rise apartment goes in on the corner and that will create a heck of a wind funnel. 

I’d like cork oaks where possible simply because of their amazingly fast growth in our climate.”

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