Redwood City Weighing Regulations On Home Size

Selby Acres was re-zoned S-74 in 2004 to preserve the area from this exact issue! Now Redwood City is considering the same types of regulations to be adopted while Selby Lane residents are fighting to keep our zoning as it is.

Redwood City officials are weighing regulations on single-family home size as well as the height of accessory dwelling units in response to deep concerns over a growing number of projects many feel are excessive and incompatible with their surroundings….

…“The data only reinforces what many of us see happening to our neighborhoods with our very own eyes: profit-driven developers bulldozing what has historically been starter homes or that missing middle and replacing them with enormous home with no regard for the neighborhood or neighbors,” said longtime Mt. Carmel resident Kris Johnson. He claimed that since 2017, Redwood City has seen 11 homes with an FAR greater than .60 and two homes with an FAR over .70.

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  1. These Redwood City developments are crap. . . outgrowing infrastructure, too big, and cramming huge densities down local residents throats to coat the pockets of the greedy rich developers and local politicians bought off by these developers.

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